Attention Addiction

We are a Digital Marketing Firm, Talent & Event Management Agency with specialized services.


Our teams serve brands worldwide across all industries by developing unconventional marketing campaigns with our Elite Talent of Hollywood Actors, Social Media Influencers and Royal Public Figures by launching Events that Elevate the Brand's Image for audiences globally.

The criteria for managing Talent is based on their reputation for rendering humanitarian service.



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The Mastermind Marketing Model™ is designed to demystify the conventional marketing approach multinational brands have been using for decades. 


Our unconventional approach involves altering the customer's perspective of a brand's product or service without their reasoning faculty. 

This method allows the brand to leverage the power of Subliminal Storyselling through Influencer Impacting across various social media platforms and public screens to increase the ROI by Revenue Retargetting.


Marketing on Social Media by leveraging the attention of an Influencer is the most efficient and effective form for brands to sell their products and services in 2021.

Influencers are the new generation of underpaid Top A-List actors & actresses with a global reach of millions at their disposal, but the demand for Influencer Partnerships is increasing by the second and the supply of talent is limited. Due to the abundance of promotion requests, Influencers deny partnership deals if they cannot resonate with the brand's core message.

We help brands extract their core message and identify the target market for Influencer Partnerships by developing purposeful messages for their marketing campaign that revolve around the brand's image. This allows a brand to stand out of the crowded market with an incentive for Influencers to partner by allowing them to leave a positive impact on their audience through the power of Influencer Impacting.


Stories have the power and ability to tell a person what to think, how to feel, and where to act.

The common method of storytelling for centuries in the multi-billion-dollar film industry has been suggesting ideas that match a certain agenda.


We help brands leverage this proven system by writing scripts that create an irresistible attraction towards a product or service through the power of Subliminal Storyselling.


Influencer Marketing doesn't guarantee any direct sales for a brand's product or service. Revenue cannot be recollected after a brand's marketing budget is spent on the influencer partnership.

The potential for leveraging an influencer's reach on Social Media to increase Brand Awareness is high with hope for ROI but the financial facts are low in regards to revenue for all shareholders. 

We help brands create a sustainable sales system for their Influencer Partnership that keeps both parties engaged for the amount of time required to successfully sell each product or service through Revenue Retargetting.

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“The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.” 

― Bill Bernbach