Creative Connection

At AscenXion Pictures we bring the germination of thought that births your seeds of scenes into the daylight of dreams!


We are an organic production company that connects the film industry of East & West by bridging the gap between Hollywood, Arabwood, and Bollywood to facilitate the creation of Purposeful Peace Projects.


Our Story

Our Head of Production, Abdullah Ali who played the role of King Faisal & our Head of Content Creation, Muhammad Ali who played the role of King Saud are known as the "ALI BROS" after acting in Saudi Arabia's 1st-ever Commercial Feature Film, Born A King.


In 2017, our Head of Content Creation, Muhammad Ali rebirthed our vision on the stage of

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


In 2019, our Head of Production, Abdullah Ali, rejuvenated our vision in his keynote speech before receiving the SIFF Award

"Our stories that we decide to share will be inspiring not just to the UAE, not just the Middle East, not just the Muslim World, but to the entire globe InshAllah!"

– Abdullah Ali

AscenXion Advisors


Director KK

Head of Creative Direction

 Art Advisor

Linda Goltz

General Manager

Communications Advisor

Muhammad Ali

Head of Screenwriting

Angel Advisor

A Vancouver based filmmaker who spends time in the Middle East. From working in harmony with reputed A-List filmmakers globally to being mentored by MIT's esteemed camera & display specialist to having worked closely with James Burke and being a Creative Director in multimedia projects, Director KK developed a higher degree of awareness that humbly served Hollywood. His upcoming feature will be mesmerizing viewers on a global scale with its intention to spread light on the subject of ''finality''.