Production Philosophy

Our teams operate by embodying the Japanese concept of "Kiazen" as we improve the quality of our rendered service to a greater degree in each production. The stories we offer have the potential to impact humanity to such an extent that future progenies could benefit as the essential messages are tailored to ascend international audiences into higher qualitative intellectual planes of reality. 

"AscenXion Pictures is a source of Light that spins hearts out of Darkness."

In-House Productions


Genre:  Family


Log-line: A Christian and Muslim family can no longer celebrate their religious holidays after getting tricked into marrying each other but end up saving Christmas & Eid for everyone!

Tagline: Holiday Flipping

eid christmas.jpg

Genre:  Magical Realism


Log-line: A young man’s discovery of the legendary Magic Lamp in war-torn Bagdad sets him on a time-travel quest that will change his destiny forever.


Tagline: Magnifying the mysterious meaning of the moment




Genre:  Comedy/Crime

Log-line: A nobleman from the euphoric east who drops his royal status and flees to the wild west with the intention to build an empire of gangster grandchildren that grow by giving to the world without being recognized as royalty.

Tagline: Giving Back Gangsters



Arabian Phoenixpng.png

Genre:  Epic Historical Drama



Log-line:  Mohammed bin Qasim, a 17 – year – old orphan is an Arab general. in 712 A.D., he launches an extraordinary military campaign to rid the world of an unvirtuous tyrant.


Tagline: A deadly journey of vengeance, love, and betrayal.



i TO i.jpg

Genre:  Sci-Fi/Thriller


Log-line: Searching for happiness on social media, four high school best friends travel on a world cruise for summer vacation with Amex Black Cards, but three of them get scammed after buying the illusion of happiness from people, places and things while the fourth friend who almost dies underwater, discovers infinite happiness without needing to buy the feeling.

Tagline: Feel Free Forever


Genre:  Suspense/Drama


Log-line: Abbas, a Bedouin faces the trials of mourning and learns through life that the idea of death as finality is not what people think it is and this sets his soul free. 

Tagline: The End is the Beginning


Genre:  Horror

Log-line: 5 King Pins that dominate the world's most corrupt industries gather on NYE in Las Vegas to dance in delusion until they die in deception after experiencing the consequences of their destructive actions in the grave of dreams.

Tagline: Hell in the Hotel


Burn INN Vegas Poster.jpg

“A single film of this kind can exert greater influence on the mind of man than a thousand sermons and books.”

-Syed Lateefuddin